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Need a new Air Conditioning System Installed ? Has your home air conditioning system stopped and is not giving you the cool comfort you have come to expect? Or maybe you have decided it’s time to upgrade to a more energy efficient system. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on the expertise, experience, and know-how of the professionals here at Premier Comfort of Florida to complete your repair and installation fast and correctly. St Cloud Harmony


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How Do I Change My Air Filter?
Step-By-Step Air Filter Replacement Guide

  • Follow these 4 easy simple steps for do-it-yourself air filter replacement:
  • Step 1: Buy a New Air Filter. Before buying a replacement filter, check your owner's manual to identify the right number or size of your filter – it could also be printed on the side of your existing air filter. Or measure the filter yourself for proper sizing.
    Step 2: Turn Off Your AC Unit For safety, turn off your AC unit before attempting to change the furnace filter. If you can't figure out how to turn off the unit, turn off the furnace and  AC breakers.
  • Step 3: Remove the Old Dirty Filter .Most air filters are located at the bottom of the indoor air handler unit and should easily pull out of the slot. Although not common, some filters are found in air vents instead located on your ceiling or side wall under the air handler. 
  • Step 4: Insert Your New Air Filter. There are arrows on the new filter to indicate which side should be facing the  up. The arrows should be pointing towards the blower and the filter should slide into place easily. ** Ceiling Vent pictured Point ARROW To the Ceiling** 
*Premier Tip: Write the date on the filter so you know exactly when it was changed

Air Conditioner Tune Up, Service and Maintenance Plans in Harmony, Fl
The easiest way to avoid having your air conditioning and heating system to malfunction during the hottest days of the summer is to have it inspected and maintained  1 or 2 times a year. We will run a series of diagnostic tests, clean the condenser coils if necessary, check the refrigerant level and inspect the components to ensure they are working properly.
By completing this annual service of your air conditioning system, you will help to prolong the AC life, improve its efficiency and ensure that it provides cool comfort throughout the summer months. You can get all of this with our  Premier Comfort yearly service Plan Membership. This plan offers customers an annual inspection that helps detect many problems before they become significant. You also get other benefits such as priority scheduling and 15% off parts and labor.
Air Conditioner Repair and Furnace Repair Harmony, FL
Whenever you  are in need of a installation, repair, or maintenance for your air conditioning system, call Premier Comfort of Florida. We are committed to providing the best service and getting your issues solved quickly and efficiently. We service all Brands and models of electric and gas air conditioning and heating system in your home. Premier Comfort employs only the best air conditioning / furnace service professionals that are ready to get your home comfortable for you during those Hot and cold days in Harmony Florida.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems in Harmony FL
In homes or Business Locations where space does not allow for a traditional air conditioning system, a ductless mini split AC unit may be just the right alternative to provide cool comfort. They can also be a great solution for homes that do not have an existing air duct ventilation system.
Ductless mini split air conditioning systems have a condenser located outside and an air handler mounted inside on a wall or ceiling, much like a traditional air conditioning system.

Premier Comfort of Florida offers residential Air Conditioning services and Commercial Air Conditioning Services including a/c and air conditioning repair, a/c and air conditioning replacement, a/c and air conditioning installation, a/c and air conditioning tune up, a/c and air conditioning inspections, a/c and air conditioning maintenance on air conditioning units and systems in all of Harmony Florida and St Cloud Florida.

D.I.Y AC fixes
Try these easy fixes before calling Premier Comfort
Is your AC not working at all?
  • Change the thermostat batteries, Most use Double AA or Triple AAA Batteries. If your thermostat batteries are dead, your unit won't turn on.
  • Check the AC and Furnace breaker. Check to make sure your circuit breaker isn't tripped. Sometimes all it takes is switching the breaker ON and OFF. (If Your AC Breaker trips continually Call Us ASAP.
  • Make sure your air vents are open. If you're not getting any air flow, check to make sure a air vent didn't accidentally get closed.
Is your AC blowing warm air?
  • Check to make sure your thermostat is switched to "COOL" and not "HEAT". (It might sound obvious, but this happens more then you would imagine.)
  • Change your AC Air Filter. A dirty filter can cause a lot of AC problems. If your Filter is dirty, replace it with a new one.
  • Clean the outdoor ac unit. Remove any leaves, sticks or debris from the condenser coils. If you see a thick layer of dirt on the coils, you should call a pro to clean them (they're very fragile and can bend easily).
If you tried these at home ac fixes and your unit still isn't working right, it's time to call a premier comfort of Fl.

You most likely need a new Air Conditioner if your current AC and Heating unit:
  • Is over 10 years old. Most AC Units have a lifespan of 10 –15 years, so if your unit is approaching that age, it's probably a good idea to get a replacement estimate.
  • Struggles to keep you comfortable. This could be a sign that your AC is the wrong size or nearing the end of its life. Either way, it's usually best to invest in a new unit.
  • Needs frequent repairs. This is often a sign that your AC is on its way out. It usually pays off in the long run to invest in a new unit rather than constantly spend money on expensive repairs.